What Do Experts Say About Removing Outdated Content

Whenever Google makes changes to its algorithm, people think that it is adding a new set of rules and regulations but is just a reshape of the existing order. The Panda algorithm that was introduced in 2011 is a new structure to Google ranking factors. The new algorithm was implemented to prevent poor quality content from ranking in search engine results.

Panda changed the way that search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) approach content creation. Under the new algorithm, thin content diminishes the value of a web page as well as the quality of the domain as a whole.

There are three strategies to solve the zissue with thin content. It can be updated, redirected or a noindex tag can be used on the web page so that it won’t appear in the search index. Each of the strategies has their advantages but your decision will be based on the purpose and equity of the content.

It is very likely that your site or blog has hundreds of thin or outdated posts that need to be optimized. Thin or outdated content includes articles and posts that are less than 400 words without keyword focus. It also includes articles and blogs that are overstuffed with keywords with spam link profiles. Duplicate content is also classified as thin content including outdated material.

However, thin or outdated content is not always “bad.” Sometimes, there are certain situations when outdated content still adds value to a website. For example, an old blog post about “best practices in web design” can still be a significant source of traffic and backlinks. You may not want to update the post because the traffic may be lost. However, if the post was written in 2012, it no longer serves the purpose because a lot has changed in web design since then.

There are many reasons why you need Cloud Cartel aside from improving your presence in search engines. SEO friendly content can be created as a relevant source that would add value to the website. Images on the website can also be optimized to attract the attention of online users and generate more traffic to the site.

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