Wedding Planner’s Guide To Modern Day Marketing

The wedding industry is one big field with vendors and suppliers everywhere offering their products and services. In order to be a successful wedding stylist in Sydney, one must be able to fight the strong competition in order to get the client base they are aiming for. Unlike any other service providers, it is very rare for a wedding planner to have repeat customers. Therefore, in order to remain relevant, there should be consistency when it comes to getting new leads.

The first marketing strategy is to make the service you are offering a one of a kind. It should not appear to be as simple as a wedding planner because then you would blend in with many others. The goal is for you to stand out as a wedding stylist by providing USP also known as unique selling proposition. To do this, it is recommended to focus on a niche or a specific service you want to offer that will make the clients feel like that are understood for what they want on their wedding day.

In order to understand the second strategy, which is working on your leads but doing it backwards, you should know the basis of clients when choosing their wedding planner and why they specifically chose you. To get a glimpse on what the customers are thinking, try being in their shoes and see if any ideas prompt up.

The next thing to do is to create a network with other vendors such as wedding venues, photographers and flower shops. This means that you must have a partner when it comes to services within the wedding industry. They will be able to market and refer you to their customers. You can even develop an exclusive partnership with them while offering incentives.

Lastly, in order for a wedding stylist in Sydney to keep up with the modern way of marketing, he or she should learn about internet marketing through content. Through online medium, you can share your portfolio with other couples to see if they find something they want to do or if they have a new concept in mind.

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