Taking Full Advantage Of Online Marketing Tools To Sell Condos

How can Thai condominium developers and real estate agents take full advantage of the numerous online marketing tools available in order to boost sales?

For several years, they have been focusing their marketing efforts in various marketing channel initiatives. They are greatly welcoming the many online tools in order to promote their projects and to engage with prospective buyers.

Ways of promoting condo and real estate projects

Social media networks and their mass distribution

Social media is fast becoming a favored marketing method, since it brings content and gives updates to its captive audiences, thereby spreading information very fast.

According to the Remi Network, almost 94% of the buyers do searches and also shop for properties in the internet. This is the reason why sellers have to make use of effective tools for online promotions. Social media use increased among realtors from 32% in 2008 to 84% in 2009.

The major social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, are highly compatible with smartphones and are used to target the buyers according to geolocation, trend tracking and real time data.

Online posts are able to directly target the demographic groups, and promotions are able to indirectly target the demographic groups through websites which are trafficked by particular age groups.

Social media is able to create a significant difference, if paired with a greatly-defined strategy which involves other tools.

Google and its contextual data

Google tools, like AdWords, can showcase the properties in the form of textual ads which are based on the keyword searches. These will show in Google and other websites which are part of the wide display network of Google.

Content sharing tools and their visual showcasing

Tools, like Instagram and YouTube, allow their users to create personal channels which showcase videos of property walkthroughs and photos.

Multifunctional tools

Tools, like Zillow or Walk Score, are very powerful in incorporating new content, trend reporting, direct integration and interactivity with the social media networks. They help minimize the gap between the sellers and buyers, which allow sellers to understand the buyer trends, and allowing the buyers to interact with the properties while providing a sales center experience.


In sum, targeting new and simplified content to an audience, as well as connecting the buyers and sellers through social media networks and interactive online experiences, are effective ways to boost sales for any Bangkok condo for sale or real estate in Thailand.

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