Simple Marketing Tools That Can Enhance A Business

Businesses use different marketing strategies from online advertising to paying the big bucks for a spot on primetime TV. However, there is one marketing tool that is often overlooked – simple surveys that can be used in different ways to enhance marketing efforts. Surveys are usually used by tutoring to gain information on their customer’s level of satisfaction over the service.

Using surveys for online reputation management

  • If you can gather customer feedback through surveys, you can address their issues promptly. Customer concerns are very important and surveys provide the perfect opportunity to know about their complaints so that they will not post those negative comments online.
  • Through surveys, you will find customers who are extremely satisfied with the service and you can always make a request for testimonials or positive reviews that you can post on your site to convince visitors who are looking for tutoring.

Using surveys for advertisement management

  • Surveys will help in gathering feedback from customers; where they heard about the service and how it can possibly help them. Feedback will allow you to focus your advertising efforts and money so that it won’t be wasted in useless marketing campaigns.
  • Online ads are more likely to bring in customers but through surveys you can figure out why your other marketing strategies are not working as expected. Sometimes there are strategies that you have never used before and it might be the best time to consider whether it will work.

Using surveys for social media marketing

  • Surveys can help you find out which social media your customers are using. Social media allows you to interact with your customers and increase your engagement once you find out how many use Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.
  • Social media is a platform where you can gather feedback and it will improve your self-image if you make an effort to respond. You will likely meet some negative comments but social media allows you to resolve customer complaints. Through your prompt response, you can easily show how much you care about your customers so that they will likely continue to do business with you in the future.

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