Predictions On The Future Of Content In 2015

Many businesses have gotten the message that content creation will remain to be significant in 2015. A few years ago, digital advertising was made by paying for an advertisement usually in the form of banners to be inserted in someone else’s content. TV Online store defied traditional advertising by creating content that is relevant to the site and its products. It gave the advantage of creating content for the target customers without having to answer to anyone except the audience that they are trying to reach.

Content Marketing for 2015

Social Media Will Continue to Prevail

Search engines were the primary methods with which online users discovered content. The most relevant results according to keywords chosen by the user were provided by Google and Yahoo however, its relevance was not personalized because it was focused on the average person. Social networking sites provided a new avenue for users to search content that is more personalized. As social networks grew, they started filtering content based on newsfeed algorithms and what was most relevant to the user. Facebook determined what is being shown in the feeds based on your interests, your posts and what you have like and shared. This has provided unique importance to brands because once the brand gains acceptance, it is more likely to be embraced.

The Number of Followers Do Not Equate to Influence

Different types of content should be based on what your company does and where the biggest opportunities are. Always focus on the areas where you can make an impact and it important to add value to a conversation and not join simply to make noise. Sometimes it is not the number of followers that count but the leadership that is wielded in the industry. For social media marketers who are obviously obsessed with the number of followers, some of these may be bots that are not receptive of your brand. When content is replacing advertisements, the clicks, likes and shares are meaningless because it is influence that matters. Make sure though to speak the language used by your target audience and embrace the subculture that is shaping their online lives. This should be the goal in creating content that will appeal to them.

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