Motorcycle Dealership Tips

Running a retail store is not exactly easy. Granted, that’s true for most businesses, but, still. A retail store is built on marketing: without proper marketing, no Suzuki bike dealers, or haute couture store stays up and running.

Motorcycles, in particular, can be tricky to market. Back in 2010, this was made clear when the US’s motorcycle deal numbers tanked. Not because the interest in their product went away or died down, but simply because the marketing kind of got out of touch with the customers.  People are interested in motorcycles, they’ve got a unique appeal to them, one that’s unlikely to be replaced anytime soon.

So if you’re one of the many Suzuki bike dealers looking to seal some deals, here are some tips.

  • Don’t bring in enthusiasts as your sales people. Don’t. Enthusiasts are all about easing people into their interest of choice, in this case motorcycles, which means that if they’re put in contact with someone looking to buy, they’ll sell what’s cheapest, identifying with customers’ hard luck stories. This is usually a bad thing. The cheapest products aren’t always the best buys, which is bad for the customer, and they’re, well,  the cheapest, which is bad for you.
  • People don’t come into the retail stores to dream about things, they’re there to buy stuff. That means your sales people should be greasing the wheels, making sure that customers actually go and buy when they step in. Retail shops are generally visited by people with a clear goal in mind now, which means that finding out that goal and appealing to it is a way to get some sales rolling.
  • Remember what we said about motorcycles having a unique appeal that’s not likely to go away? That’s a tool in the sales toolbox. Take the positive qualities and the appeal of a motorcycle and share them to customers, subtly nudging them to buying. After all, people are more likely to do something if they want to, so making them want to buy will work wonders.
  • To continue on the above, the internet is a great place to share ideas and interests. Take advantage of it by having your company display videos, and images of people enjoying bikes, preferably ones they did or can be bought from you. You can also use the internet to spread the word on dealer events.

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