Mistakes That Insurance Agents Must Avoid In Online Marketing

One of the challenges that insurance agents face when marketing insurance products is the competition with global companies who use sophisticated online marketing methods. There is also the challenge of generating online leads because people are somewhat suspicious with insurance pitches.

In order not to waste money on ineffective online strategies, insurance agents must devise smart strategies and avoid frequent mistakes that their counterparts make.

  • SEO is a productive option for insurance agents as long as there is a solid strategy. Insurance agents must avoid SEO providers that promise an immediate increase in traffic and leads through ill-conceived and cookie-cutter marketing campaigns. A successful lead generation campaign requires SEO that is focused on long tail keywords used in strategic places that have a high potential for conversions. Content created for SEO must be able to acquire high quality backlinks.
  • Generally, online users do not want to discuss insurance on social media and neither do they want sales pitches. However, social media is very effective in building relationships with existing clients. Proper use of social media will also establish credibility which is one of the challenges faced by an insurance agent.
  • If an insurance agent is already a part of the corporate website, it does not make sense to set up a second personal website because consumers will be confused as to which website to use. On the other hand, independent insurance agents require a website with informative and relevant content to ensure that users will immediately find what they are searching for.
  • Email marketing when done right is an effective tool for insurance agents. However, avoid purchasing lists because an insurance agent needs to build his own list to ensure that it is up to date. It may take months to gain leads but consistency will always pay off.

There is no one-size fits all in insurance marketing but there is marketing innovation that provides a more engaging experience for potential customers. Visual content is more interesting and is more effective than written content. Videos can connect easily to the target audience particularly if it provides the answers to their questions.

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