Marketing Ideas To Boost Property Sales

Marketing is an important part of any business, especially the real estate agent profession. Even though there are already current methods that real estate brokers practice, the way clients and competitors approach the property market continually changes which is why it is of great importance to update a marketing strategy constantly.

Below are some ideas to shore up those real estate marketing efforts.

Establishing a marketing day

A marketing day is to allow time away from doing the transactions part of a business and being creative with the way to market oneself and what is offered overall.

A key to success is to schedule this marketing day on a Monday. Having the discussions is a way to help oneself, the co-brokers and agents to building the momentum for the upcoming days and weeks.

Expanding social media presence

Every social media platform is going to let one continually interact and engage with current clients, while giving them the avenue to make one a reference to people they know.

A key to success is to not constantly push a brand, product or service on social media. The reason for interacting with possible clients online is to have the business be more personal by responding to client queries promptly and leading them to useful information.


By starting a blog and writing blog posts, a real estate broker is able to fully display their knowledge online. They are also able to let people know that they do their homework and that they are someone to be relied on.

A key to success is writing blog posts on a site that has a broker’s personal domain name or web address. And even though one can set up a free blogging account in or, hosting a blog on an own site gives one professional credibility, and it also allows creativity.

Taking advantage of video

A digital camera that has recording features, including an editing software, are mostly enough to get a job completed. Gmail accounts also have free YouTube channel, so this is going to provide one with a platform to post content at minimal cost.

A key to success is to also make agent or office videos for promotion, aside from video tours of the properties, such as those Pattaya condo for sale.

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