Internet Marketing Your Services On The Web

Marketing a physical product is not much different from marketing a service or services online. The selling method and techniques used for traffic generation are the same for both. The one thing businesses have to understand is that there are unique challenges in both aspects. There are issues in selling services that one might not encounter when selling a physical product. Here are some of those:

  • Selling your own self. Unlike selling a physical product, with services you have to sell yourself to the customers. There are many types of services that can be sold including a landscaper, childcare provider, real estate agent, fitness trainer, dog walker, hair stylist, doctor, investment advisor, bed and breakfast owner, accountant, lawyer and many more. Unlike presenting a tangible product to the client, you will sell your time in exchange for a good result that the customer is expecting.
  • Learning to work around the deadline. There is a limit as to the amount of time you can allot in providing services. A tangible product can be stored and shipped anytime the client purchases one but with services, you can only book a number of clients depending on the time you can allot. A person has to rest, sleep and eat everyday thus the average working hours per day is only eight hours. If you love overtimes then it can go up as high as 12 to 16 hours per day.
  • You must be able to deliver the unique needs of the clients. You must be able to deliver quality results while proving that you are flexible enough. You will more likely get to have more clients if you provide great result within the deadline and that the client’s unique need is satisfied as well – this means providing a personalized service.
  • Target local customers. The internet is good for business services that can provide it on a global scale such as illustrated map. This is not ideal if you are a decorator as you might not have the resources to travel all over the globe for a certain client.

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