Increasing Hotel Occupancy Through Digital Technology And Smart Data Marketing

In 2016, it was very obvious that hoteliers placed emphasis on “book direct” marketing strategies to drive more business. When you checkout their websites, you will find special rates for loyalty members, unique packages and special incentives. In 2017, hoteliers must focus more on digital technology and marketing initiatives to generate more direct bookings and reduce their dependency on OTA’s.

2017 will be the year for smart data marketing. Hoteliers have access to an overwhelming amount of data and from this data they can develop a digital marketing plan that will reach their target audience at the right time with the right device. Data available can be derived from customer relationship management (CRM) that gathers customer interactions or through intent data that gives an idea on what and when people are planning a trip to a particular destination.

On a given day at a hotel or resort, an average 15% to 25% of the guests are repeat customers. The hotel can take advantage of data gathered from CRM for this situation. However, it is most likely that there are people planning a trip to the property’s destination; this requires focus on reaching these guests. In digital marketing initiatives, it is important to pay attention to both sets of data coming from CRM and intent data. This is what you can call smart data marketing.

Multichannel campaigns and marketing strategies can start from CRM data, website analytics and marketing insights to target a specific customer segment. From the data, a marketer can build customer personas to understand the motivations of the target segment, their online behaviour and passion points. The “best hotel guest” should not only be based on past guest demographics but consumers who are willing to consider and book on the property today. Marketing campaigns must target consumers who are exhibiting purchase intent.

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