How To Make Better Titles To Get More Website Traffic

Articles or blog posts that people find actual value in the content is something that is plainly obvious, and a must-have for any blogger or internet marketer. People not only use or come back to your site if they find it useful, they will also recommend it to others allowing for a more natural way of attracting more traffic to your site. But before all that could happen, any blog post or any news article must first get the attention of the readers. This is done by making a strong title. A title that captures their interest or give them a good idea of what the content will be and promising them that it will contain the content that they are looking for.

But getting past the title isn’t just the important thing. You must also consider what must be placed in the title for the search engines. Popular or common titles might not get as much “hits” from search engine results as you want, and this could mainly be due to the competition that is already out there. For example if you made a post about how to lose weight, chances are, there are already tons of articles with that topic. Not only does that mean the competition is high, but that your title is too common for the regular viewers to pick out.

Here are a few things you can do:

  • Use Google’s keyword analyser (or any other similar tool) and look for a keyword that represents what you’re selling or simply what you’re talking about in your blog post.
  • Find out which keywords have the most searches and which ones are doing just enough.
  • Instead of jumping in with the other competitors on the popular keywords, choose a keyword that might not be as popular but has a good amount of searches. Then invest in those. Chances are, you’re sure to get those people searching for that since you or a few others have only used that keyword.
  • Use that keyword in your title (not just in your content) but use it in a unique, concise, yet friendly way. If you have a post on how to lose weight and it has 5 easy steps to do it, then do put it in your title, make it something like “5 naturally safe way of losing that unwanted weight easily.”
  • Monitor your blog posts. Don’t be afraid to try something new but make sure to check which posts with which titles have more clicks or visits. Nothing is done instantly and you may not get it done right on the first try, but if you study your results, you’ll quickly get the hang of it.

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