How To Compete With Billions Of Web Pages Online?

It is a given that the reason why commercial cleaning companies in Sydney have a website is to gain traffic, leads and finally conversions. However, building traffic to a site needs effective marketing strategies that go beyond using trendy colours and Instagram-worthy images. The target audience of commercial cleaners is the millennial population that is now into business or having families of their own.

Current estimates put web pages at about 4.5 billion. This means that online users are overwhelmed and over-saturated with content. Granted that some of the 4.5 billion web pages are spam or illegible, users are still knee-deep with high quality content that capitalizes on long-tail keywords. Yes, long-tail keywords are now dominating search. Since content production is over saturated, how can businesses still gain from their content investment?

For example, at least 40,000 articles were published every week about bitcoin. That is a lot of content that an interested bitcoin investor has to contend with. Unless you are an authority on crypto currency, the article you wrote will most likely drown in the sea of overwhelming content.

Part of the success of content marketing is to search for emerging trends that you can take advantage off but only if the product or service is relevant to the topic. One of the most fruitful ways to spot trends is to read industry news, Google Trends, Google Alerts and posts from Facebook friends. It is certainly an investment of time and efforts but if you want to gain traffic for the site, you have to be updated.

Another opportunity is presented by long-tail keywords or niche segments. Long-tail keywords however, may not generate the traffic you desire but the visitors to the site tend to be the better leads because they are actually searching for something that is specific to their needs.

For example, if a user types commercial cleaning companies in Sydney, he is actually interested to find a company that delivers cleaning services in Sydney. It is very likely that the search is being made for a school, an office, restaurant, hotel or a hospital that requires professional cleaning services with a high standard of quality.

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