How Back Links Are Created Through Quality Content

At a meeting, I met these guys from Perth Web Design and one of the topics we discussed was the sudden influx of job opportunities for content writers. It seems that more and more content is being posted online. Don’t people ever get tired of searching for information from the internet?

Why is there a sudden upsurge in online content?

According to Google, if websites continue to publish quality content it means that they are providing online users with useful and relevant information. If people find your content valuable, they usually link back to your website. These back links are called organic links because you did not ask for it and neither did you pay for the link. The back link was formed because you published quality content and they are more valuable because it is result of efforts and hard work. Matt Cutts who is the head of Google’s anti spam department explains that Google is willing to forgive bad grammar as well as html structure as long as the content provides value because Google is not looking for perfection.

How back links are created through quality content

Many marketers are doing back linking the wrong way. What they do is look for links even if it is pointing to a bad site with poor content when in reality if you’ve got a beautiful website with quality content, back links will be build from there. Like a product, a good website is much easier to sell. When writing content, the objective is not to build back links but to provide web users with useful and fresh information. Once people appreciate the quality of your content, they will naturally link to the site.

Content is still the king of SEO

The more content is published on the net, the more that online presence is enhanced. Every quality article posted has the potential to generate traffic from a search query. If content is good, Google ensures that is used to answer a query and this will improve page rankings, traffic and conversions. If the article is stuffed with keywords, it is virtually useless and just a waste of efforts.

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