Dressing Content Items To Be More Appealing

The Ugly Christmas Sweater parties are becoming a trend. Moreover, the popularity of these ugly sweaters are increasing year after year. These itchy and unflattering holiday sweaters are a celebration of things elusive and fun.

For marketers, this increasing trend tells them how anything unsexy and unpretty can become mainstream when used in the right setting.

Part of any business is marketing or advertising a good, product or service. However, marketing does not only involve business owners advertising their attractive goods or products but also presenting information from research findings, data sheets, white papers and any other less attractive content items.

Dressing those less appealing content items, like how ugly sweaters once were, to be clickable, shareable and engaging can be done using infographics, twitter chats and webinars.


Infographics are a great way to have those content items like statistics or research results into something visually engaging. The audience will be able to admire the understandability of research results in a form of infographic even while lining up at groceries. For marketers creating infographics, each piece is better broken down to smaller sections. These can then be posted in Twitter or be made into a presentation. This extends the content life filling out a marketer’s content calendar. It is also helpful to link the full white paper. This visual content is bound to grab audience’s attention like the great stitching on an ugly sweater.

Twitter Chats

For anyone who did a research study, a way for an audience to talk about the research results is through Twitter chats. He can work with an influencer in that specific field or a 3rd party. This is an effective way to extend the potential reach of any research result. This is also engaging for fans since they can weigh in their thoughts.


Another way is to turn research results into panel discussions or to have a presenter go through the results in an interactive and fun format. Webinars allow an audience to understand difficult data using a fun perspective integrated into it. This is the visual version of a podcast or any book on tape.

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