Does The Law Of Supply And Demand Apply To Content?

Content is the king of online marketing strategies; everybody who uses the internet has heard the quote. There is more content now than before and about 75% of B2B and B2C marketers are planning to create more. This means that content online will increase over time but how about demand? Does the law of supply and demand apply to content? Content increases but demand remains the same.

If you will take the industry of mobile games as an example, thousands of free mobile games are available for downloading but there are far more than enough for anyone to play in a single lifetime. Like mobile games, content is also competing for the attention of a very limited audience. If the environment is already crowded why would someone still invest the resources into a new game?

Nintendo did and it earned $7.5 billion after one week of Pokemon Go. Nintendo introduced the game to an extremely crowded market and now it is being played by everyone. It can therefore be said that the law of supply and demand does not apply to mobile games. The same is true for content because there has never been a demand for content.

There is so much content out there but it seems content creators cannot supply what the audience demands. People are not satiated with online content because they still use the search engines to look for more. People are looking for content that inspires and affects their life aside from interaction with a product. People do not like reading highly technical and complicated topics but they want tips relevant to the products they are seeking for.

To avoid adding to the overwhelming amount of unread content, find out what the target audience wants and what it is seeking for. Listen to the demands of consumers and create content accordingly.
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