Creative And Unique Marketing Strategies For A Small Business

Large companies have more than enough budget to fund different marketing and advertising strategies. These are what small companies are up against. They have to compete otherwise they will not gain the attention of consumers. However, marketing efforts do not have to cost a fortune; it only needs an amount of creating thinking and unique ideas to make a difference.

Affordable ways to market your products and services

Endorsement through a local celebrity – big companies have the resources to pay celebrity endorsements. Instead of seeking the services of a well known celebrity, try endorsement from a local celebrity like a teacher or a resident who has done something that is newsworthy. It would be relatively easy to locate the person by asking his whereabouts from friends and business associates. In many instances a simple gift like your product will suffice to gain the endorsement.

Create a LinkedIn group
– most of the focus of advertisements is on Facebook but creating a group in LinkedIn is free and it can be used as a medium for information that can drive traffic to your site and increase your conversions. It can take time before you see actual results but it definitely worth your time and efforts.
Get published in niche blogs – a technique is to contact the creator of three to five blogs and offer your ideas to add more value for the readers. As goodwill, use a few pieces of your own product they can giveaway to their target audience for free for brand awareness. Entice the blog creator to promote your content so that your products and services can be highlighted.

Create videos for YouTube – videos can generate more attention from web users than content. YouTube has millions of followers and it can be a powerful marketing tool for your brand. In order to generate awareness use a clear editorial message and a call to action.

Write an e-book – you do not necessarily require a publishing agency to have get distribution for your e-book. Amazon can upload your e-book for free as long as it gets 33 cents from every sale. However, the idea here is not to profit from the e-book but as a lead-generating tool.

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