Cloud Computing And Its Known Benefits

It was almost two decades ago when cloud computing was developed but the fact remains that still a huge number of businesses still follows the old way. Despite the competitive advantages, cost benefits and business efficiencies, many in the business community are still relying on the old way. Looking at the International Data Group, 69 per cent of businesses are utilizing cloud technology in one way or another while 18 per cent plan to employ cloud computing soon. A report from Dell revealed that companies with mobility, cloud computing and big data have 53 per cent revenue growth compared to those. It is not surprising that cloud based technology in healthcare has been encouraged for a long time.

Looking at the figures, there is a rise in the number of industries and companies that are using cloud computing because of its recognizable benefits. The main reason for most of these companies in using cloud computing is the fact that their organization is managed better because of the technology, they are able to provide better customer service and their profit margins have increased significantly.

This is only an indication that there is no other way for industries but to embrace cloud computing. The term has gained popularity in the recent years. Data are not the same as before and it requires a lot of in order to maintain a system that could keep track of all information and programs. This is where cloud computing comes in. It has been available for a long time, as long as the internet actually, but only given recognition because of the businesses utilizing the technology.

Cloud computing works the same way as web-based email clients wherein all the files and features does not have to be stored inside the user’s computer. There are many different cloud computing services such as Google Drive, Facebook, Gmail, TurboTax and Instagram. All of these applications are cloud based because they send personal date to a server and access them whenever and wherever they want.

Not many are convinced with the system but cloud based technology in healthcare should be noted to bring a number of benefits including cost savings, security, flexibility, mobility, insight, increased collaboration, disaster recovery, loss prevention, quality control and automatic updates of software.

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