Bronies: Brotherhood Against All Odds

Ever since My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic first aired in 2010, it had garnered a vast number of fans as expected. The original show which aired in the 80’s was again picked up by Hasbro and was developed into a new original show revolving around the ponies. It was originally intended for a wide audience of little girls along with parents who watch the show with them but what the producers, and most of the world, didn’t expect is that it would also launch a stereotype defying fandom: The Bronies.

Bronies, which is a portmanteau of the word bro and ponies, is a fandom composed of grown men. Most people thought the fandom would not last due to struggles regarding public acceptance that the Bronies are experiencing but what was incredible is that not only did the Bronies survived, they had further blossomed into a continuously growing fan base.

Since the values and characters portrayed in the show are mostly intended for girls, members of the Brony fandom are often extremely bashed and bullied online and offline. Name-callings and insults are constantly being thrown at them. They were regarded as homosexuals and effeminate men by most people but the incredible thing about them is that they remained true to their resolve.

Their shared interests had led to a great brotherly friendship often facing challenges together, sticking out for a brony in need and having fun together. In fact, Brony conventions are often jam-packed with various male fans.

When interviewed as to why they continue expressing their love for the show amidst public scrutiny, Bronies would say that the show portrays different aspect of daily life. The characters’ personalities are based on real personalities that people can relate to. They had learned from the show the value of friendship and enjoying life for what it is.

The Bronies are truly an exceptional and remarkable group. No matter what you throw at them, they would just keep on coming back. Most bronies were even former bashers themselves but were convinced upon watching the show. They are an example of true camaraderie which is now a rarity in this world marred by selfish propagandas and wars.

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