Adding Value To Online Shopping Through Proper Packaging

Online shoppers may not realize that packaging plays a big role in their online shopping experience. In many instances, online shoppers have to rely on packaging images for brand identification and product confirmation. After the online shopper places the product on the shopping cart, it is double checked for confirmation of product selection before making the final purchase. Finally, when the package arrives at the consumer’s doorstep, proper packaging assures the customer that what has been ordered is genuine and not a knockoff. In addition, packaging provides protection for the product and the package becomes a valuable branding and marketing vehicle.

How to ensure online success in the development of packaging

Unlike shopping in brick and mortar stores, an online shopper cannot physically pickup a package from a website. When viewing them online the packages look similar whether big or small in online content. It is also apparent that shoppers cannot gauge the quality of the product which often results into concerns over value and price. Given these limitations towards online shopping, marketers and designers should ensure that they keep in mind their customer’s perspective in developing packaging for the web.

  1. Foster brand recognition – in order to create immediate brand recognition online, it is important to create distinctive and memorable packaging through package shape, color and graphic elements.
  2. Ensure that there is quality impression – if an online store can use high quality digital images, it will significantly promote the quality of the brand or product. This will create a better impression on the side of the consumer.
  3. Always convey quantity – always make use of simple and legible copy particularly when it is related to size and quantity so that the consumer will have an accurate perception of price and value.
  4. Facilitate product comparisons – to help consumers pick the right product, it is important to show relevant product range.
  5. Add value through the shipper – always make sure that there is an outer container that will ensure brand reassurance and protection for the product.

It is critical for a product to reach a customer is good condition because this is always a barrier to an online shopping experience. Businesses must always consider the customer in order to add value to online shopping.

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